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Need stepper motor gear on 800K IIGS floppy

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Hi to you all!

I have an A9M0106 800K floppy drive bought off ebay, worked twice, then quit.

Broken tiny white plastic gear on stepper motor shaft, Sony stepper motor.

Anybody got one? Paypal, Visa, or I'll send you a check.


I've also got another one that won't read at all, just spins.

Anybody still fix these?


PM me if interested.

Many Thanks!

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Take stepper motor out of the one put it in the other? Just a suggestion.


I have a couple of drives but I wouldn't part them out. May want to ask in the trading area or have this moved also. You might get more response.


Good luck, and I second the removal and replacement of over twenty year old grease.

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I've had the same issue in one of my drives. I've used one drive to fix three other drives.


1. Bad plastic gear that crumbled

2. bad heads that couldn't be cleaned

3. bad stepper motor.

4. I stretched a side spring on one of these drives by accident taking it apart to clean (used one spring)


I still have the rest of that drive for parts just in case. Now a days, I don't even try those drives when I get a vintage Mac. I just open them up and immediately clean the drive before even turning them on.


You may want to salvage one drive with the other as mentioned but if you need both, you probably need to buy one. At least you'll have other for parts.

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