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Another G5

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Local purchase, $30. Dual 2.0ghz, first gen. PCI-X. Sold for parts, as not starting up. I bought it as such, and was happy with the deal since one of my other machines has a bashed case and this one's is in much better shape.


Got it home and, as we do, I had a quick look. Seemed complete. Took out the RAM and then reseated it, just to keep it in place initially. Found there were 8x256mb chips only, alas. Presence of an Airport Extreme card was a good thing, though. Thought, "I wonder...?" Popped in a hard drive, which it was missing, then plugged it into the mains. Heard the ps click, which they are supposed to do, pressed the power button, and bingo — it started right up. Seems to run just fine.


That makes 6 G5 towers in my collection: 2x1.8, 2x 2.0, 1x2.3, and 1x2.5 quad. Four are still used regularly in the home and at the office, and I can probably just part out/ recycle the one with the bashed case to make 5, but all the same, I might just have to seek help!

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