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9500 SSD Benchmarks

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I have been benchmarking my upgraded 9500 (G4/700) just to see how it did compare to other models (or basically to the original 9500). I used macbench 5.0 under 7.6.1 but it only let me test the CPU and the hard drive.


So, I tried to run the tests with 2 different hard drives. One is the SCSI drive that came with the 9500, the other is a 60GB SATA SSD drive connected through a sonnet tempo SATA adapter.


Here are the results with the SCSI drive. It does almost as good as the G3/300 :




and here it is with the SSD drive :




The speed difference is quite impressive! This setup would be perfect if I didn't have a sound issue with the SSD controller though... so I don't really use it otherwise I cannot listen to my MP3s :p

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Has anyone else tried running an SSD in a 9500? I brought my 9500 (acquired in 2012) to my condo to live with me full-time recently and was thinking about disk upgrades. SCSI2SD is an option, though I'd presume access times would be faster with a Tempo ATA card and an SSD.

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Bit off topic, 

Ive been testing 10,000 rpm 80 pin SCSI HDD in older macs - works really well.

The 8600 and G4 MDD both has Sonnet PCI SATA card with SSD - it does flies - Love the way MDD runs.

G4 MDD has SanDisk SATA SSD HDD.

8600 has m.2 SATA card.

PowerBook G3 Pismo has 44-mSATA card in it.

PowerBook PDQ and Kanga has 44-SD card.

FYI - SCSI2SD is v5.



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