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Caps! -- Mac Soldering Prerequisite, (SMT and Through) Kits

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Do both of these kits with success and you are ready to re-cap about any mac.



They are cheap, get these kits, and all the supplies to assemble them,

Then you will be ready to go live!


(Highly Suggested for newbie mac cappers)


Kit #1

Fading Eyes







Kit #2

SMT Fading Eyes Kit




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My wife showed some interest when i was capping a bunch of mac boards one night,

She has zero soldering experience.


So I was at microcenter today. I saw these kits, and I thought what the heck.

Got it for her(Kit #1), and some supplies. She soldered that bad boy up, I was proud.

She was proud of her self aswell, from parts-to-a-working kit, add 12v, and watch the magic happen.


Next I am going to get her the SMT kit.

Then I can have her start capping boards and PSU's :)

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That's great, Uni! And even rare, a significant other who shows interest! :approve: This can even open doors for both of you to careers in repairing electronics, as well.


My dad, a licensed electrician for over 40 years, taught me how to solder when I was about 8 years old. I later took electronics courses at a vocational campus, while still in high school, and that allowed me to gain further experience up to Series/Parallel Resonance circuits (the basics of how radio and TV tuner circuits work, how to diagnose and how to repair). I was trying to advance further into digital logic and control circuits 11 years ago, but I ran out of funding to continue taking classes; that, and life got in the way. Oh well.


73s de Phreakout. :rambo:

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