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Quadra 700 Appreciation - Stories - Got one?

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Obviously if you want to know about the Quadra 700 you can ask google, Google will show you what it finds:

There is info on:

- #1 hit, Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macintosh_Quadra_700

- #2 hit, EveryMac: http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_quadra/specs/mac_quadra_700.html

- #3 hit, LowendMac: http://www.lowendmac.com/quadra/quadra-700.html

- #4 hit, AppleHistory: http://apple-history.com/700



Basically what i am getting at is this,

Is there some raw nitty gritty info on this machine?

Info you know about the Q700 that nobody else would know?


Originally when I set out to find and acquire the Quadra 700,

Here was my vague reasoning, please don't cringe.

- I saw it on jurassic park, it looked like a bad ass machine.

- I like how it's a Tower with one simple disk slot in the front.

- The Design language is awesome looking

- It was the first Quadra to include an AAUI Networking port.


After i received my Quadra 700,

Here are some more things i noticed/appreciated about it.

- The Program and Reset buttons on the front have a perfect feel when you press them

- Case is easy to open

- Its fast

- Using It, Truly feels like a bad ass professional grade machine,

- This thing always is reminding me of it's quality, Well built machine, must have received lot's of love from engineering.


Please add your thoughts and experiences with the Quadra 700.


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It's unlikely that anyone old enough to have bought a Quadra 700 new would ever think anything thing like that about any computer. We'd seen way too many changes in computing over such a short period of time by then to have had that kind of expectation. We'd already bought enough computers that didn't live up to the hoopla built up around new releases to be "waiting" for a rollout unless we were using something that was badly outdated and ready to upgrade.


Old time users I've known seem to be a breed apart, we don't actually expect computers to work, so we're happy when they do. Models weren't usually around long enough to become totally enamored with any particular one. Just in the history of the Mac, we saw four generations of processor architecture and more OS revisions in those first seven years than OSX has had in, what is it, 13 years now since its first release?


I'd like to hear what some of the older comrades have to say about my observations, I was between 30 and 40 when the Quadra 700 was released. How do you folks think about this subject and my take on it?

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Lastnight i tore down my Q700 / IIci / IIsi


i gave them a bath in the tub, used some comet cleanser and a scrubby.


there is a-lot of subtle differences between the Q700 and IIci.

- The the case and how the mainboard is held in is completely different

- The reset / program buttons are completely different

- The motherboard its completely different

- The only thing that seems to be the same is the design / mounting of the PSU and the HD/Floppy Tray

- Even the Brand of the PSU is different, AZTEC in the Q700, DELTA in the IIci

- Also the Q700 has AAUI and MIC in - IIci doesnt


After the good full case scrub, and air compressor dry, My Q700/IIsi/IIci are squeaky clean and like new again!



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Slot$SS, Baby, SLOT$$$$$!!!!!!!! :approve:


. . . and less Spindly Plastics required for the taller form factor as well, no monitor to support. :p


CelGen, you're lucky yours are interbreeding, two of the triplets here have sucked the lifeblood out of larger Macs and left nothing but empty shells. The nasty one's named Shelob and the B@^$#!^ crazy one goes by Hrunkner Underhill. Elmo is the tame one, he's a sweetie!

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Yep, the slots. The fact that the 900/950 had sixteen SIMM sockets was just mind blowing in its day. Of course, 72 pin SIMM sockets were not far in the future at that point, putting the same capacity in two or four SIMM sockets ultimately.


One of these days, I'm going to see if I can get the Q650 logic board in the Q700 case. I adore the IIcx/IIci/Q700 case design, but the Q650 has several advantages over the Q700.

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