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Booting 7.0.1 From:ROM (Mac IIsi) /W Apps! My New Toaster:-)

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uniserver, you are seriously making me drool over the prospect of having the SuperIIsi™ boot from the ROM SIMM with the custom startup sound:


We're at T-Minus 10 & counting . . . 9 . . . 8 . . . 7 . . . 6 . . . 5 . . . 4 . . . ignition . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . we have liftoff!

Followed by the Rocket's WHOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on re-boot! [:D]]'>


Now to search out the perfect NASA sound track . . .

. . . and find someone to swap a Hardware Hack for a Software Hack of the RocketWare and RocketShare Inits to excise the IIsi exception. [}:)]]'>

. . . anyone want me to hack their IIsi to a (these goodies not included) NuBus Adapter/Rocket/NIC ready SuperIIsi™ Spec?


Arranging a three-way goodies-for-services swap might work out as well!

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You should msg dougg3 and have him send one out to you, :-)


He can't budge on $30 bucks a Rom Simm, because that is around where he has to sell them for to keep the non-profit project going.

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I just wanted to clarify what was going on with the IIcx, before i re-capped it, even if i had more then 8meg of ram installed, and in 24bit mode, it would not show my 68megs installed. Normally it would show you how much ram you have (Eg. 68megs installed), However it was only showing a total of 8. Normally a re-capped (fully working) machine in 24 bit mode, still shows your 68 megs, it just wont let you use anything more then 8mb.


after i recapped it, the 68megs of ram I had installed showed, then tried mode32 and it all worked.

then tried dougg3's ROM simm, it worked too.


bbraun has has a better image out, it works even better then before.


It's been some months now, but I still enjoy this rom simm all the time.


Moral of the story, if its not acting normal and needs caps, cap it, then it will probably work fine afterwards :)

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