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300 Baud Magazine Issue Two

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Can you believe it we managed to get issue two out!




Anyway- We have all original material, and now stand at 40 pages.

Bigger better and glossier!



Win a ROBOT!!

Yes really!


Content -

Online Destinations in the Era of 300 Baud by Michael H. McCabe


A Brief Look at Graphics in BASIC by Jeffrey Armstrong


Thinking About Interfacing (or Sticking Something into the Hole at the

Back) by Dale Goodfellow


Hack the Mac - and Introduction to Macintosh Programming Tools by Pekka



RetroBits - Hot Chicks and Big Computers


A Short History of Pen Computing by David Greelish


Getting Down with Gopher by Rob Sayers


OS-9 by Aaron Wolfe


Our BBS Town by Greg Goodwin


Same price, even better retro value.


Tell you friends - Tell your mother


All the best.




*** orders received by the tuesday each week, UK time, will be processed

in about four days, then posted out***


Dale / Wgoodf

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