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The Winners!

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I don't know if it's a case of too many contestants or too few voters, but we seem to have ended up with no less than five RetroChallengers in the top three slots! Without further ado:



equant took first place with his Grackle68k twitter client for classic Macs.



A couple of intensive programming efforts tied for second; PrintStar spent a month grappling with GEM on mutiple platforms while Pukka whipped up a slick little driving game for old world Macs.



Crowding the winners' rostrum in a split for third are rsayers with his remarkable Tandy M100 gopher server and Paleoferrosaurus who went off in about a dozen different directions.


Honourable mentions go to Dog Cow for his network-enable Apple II snake game; Jonnosan for the Apple II gopher client; Jon Sharp for getting his Apple II talking over Bluetooth and Schadenfreude for his Gameboy photography.


And let's not forget that Luddite won the HUNT tournament!


Thanks to everyone who took part and helped make this the most productive RetroChallenge to-date! Thanks to RetroBBS SysOp urbancamo; RetroChallenge Twittermonkey wgoodf and the 68KMLA for hosting the web site.


That's all for RetroChallenge 2009... see you in January for the RC Winter Warmup!

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Erm, because the first place winner from the 'Challenge was posted about on Gizmodo yesterday. Doesn't seem like a strange reason to revive the thread to me!


Congrats equant [:)]]'>

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The fact that Grackle68k exists is wonderful / because the tiny slice of the population who still earnestly uses OS 9 is either clinically paranoid, hasn't read a software review since the year 2000, or is stuck with a 10-year-old desktop by some truly bizarre or unfortunate circumstance, all of which would make for some top-rate tweeting.


Hey! They've been spying on us! ><img src='https://68kmla.org/forums/uploads/emoticons/sad.gif.fd4612761a7f036f230186185c887adf.gif' alt=':('><:lol:

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in time we will be crowned kings i tell ya!


Remember folks the Winter Warm Up is just around the corner, take the tarps off those old systems and get them tuned up for the month of January.


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