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RetroChallenge 2009 Concludes

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It's all over but the crying!


This year's RC was quite productive, with probably a dozen assorted programs written and quite a few creative/fun entries. If anyone would like to vote for their favourite challenges, head on over to the RetroBBS (account sign-up required) and email the SysOp with your top 3 faves.


Thanks to everyone who participated and also thanks to Urbancamo for running the BBS, Wgoodf for tweeting his little heart out, and of course the 68KMLA for hosting the RC.

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Sorry guys,


Lost my internet connection(s) shortly after my last post on the 9th, and subsequently lost interest when success (with my report program or repairing my Model 4P) was not forthcoming.


Sigh, better luck next time, CJ!

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