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Scott Baret

A Mini-Challenge for This Week (aka Elsie's Revenge)

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Who said statistics had to be limited to Excel, TI-89 calculators, and modern computers?


I'm challenging myself to make a four-chapter outline for statistics (which is part of a psych research methods course but encompasses nearly a semester's worth of stats) this week. So far I have the first chapter mostly done and will be working on one per night except for tomorrow night, when I have will a paper to complete for another class and on Wednesday, when I will complete two chapters.


The equipment being used?


-Mac LC 10/40

-System 7.1

-MacWrite Pro

-MacDraw II

-Claris Resolve

-Kid Pix (if needed)

-LaserWriter 4/600

-CD 300e drive loaded with quality music


I am using a newer calculator alongside this, but only to perform basic arithmetic calculations (addition, subtraction, etc) so that I can see the data I entered. (It's a TI-89). However, I'm using it like it's a TI-81--I'm not even using the stats functions on there. In fact, I just found a variance by hand about a half hour ago.


The big challenge here is the graphs. Resolve is somewhat limited as far as graph construction goes, but I'm finding ways around those limitations.


The test is on Friday. Given the study guide I am making and the fun I am having with an old friend (I've had this LC since I was five) I expect to max it.


Hopefully I don't work the Mac too hard...10MB for a study guide like the one I'm making is going to be cutting it tight, but I'll manage somehow. (One document per chapter may be what I will have to do).


I should also point out that I have used this LC at five different education levels: Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and College. (Is that a record?) Someday when I work on a Master's, I hope to add a sixth level to this computer's resume. (I've also used a IIe for productive work in three different decades--80s, 90s, 00s--and wish to add a fourth to that one as well).

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Woo! Let us know how it goes. I myself am doing a mini-challenge at the moment, involving some Neo Geo MVS arcade hardware, an RGB to NTSC video encoder, an Apple IIe power supply, and lots and lots of soldering. Almost done too, but I want to make the first big progress report on the BBS first.

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It went well! In fact, I'm doing another study guide on the LC this week and will have plenty more for finals week.


I'm also using my SE to give the LC a break now and then. It has MacWrite II and only 1MB RAM, although I'm planning on upgrading it after finals so that it has 4MB. I may also add a SuperDrive.

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If you were using a Classic or Plus you could legitimately say that your calculator is twice as fast as your computer >>


I'm doing a sorta-minichallenge ATM by soldering together lots and lots of null modem cables and making all my computers talk to each other with them. Currently I've got my Tandy 100 clone from '83 controlling my 3ghz dual-core box from '07.

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