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Kennect Drive

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From personal notes:


Kennect Technology

For a couple of years, Kennect offered some interesting disk products which allowed the use of PC format disks with non-FDHD Macs and the creation of large, non-standard Mac floppy disks.


Rapport is an adapter that connects to the external floppy drive port of a Mac 512Ke, Plus or later Mac. In conjunction with a CDEV (Control Panel), it allows the internal drive to read/write 720KB PC disks. If used with an external Apple 800KB drive, the CDEV allows the Mac to read/write non-standard 1.2MB disks on 800KB media.


Drive 2.4 is an external high density drive for use with the Rapport controller. It can create non-standard 2.4MB Mac disks as well as standard Mac disks. Drive 2.4 can also create standard and non-standard PC and ProDOS Apple II disks.


Two external 5.25" drives were offered for use with the Rapport adapter. Drive 360 will read/write/format 360KB PC disks and read/write/format 140KB ProDOS disks. Drive 1200 will read/write/format 1.2MB PC disks, and read 360KB PC disks and 140KB ProDOS disks.


A floppy drive adapter kit was sold for the Mac II and IIx which do not have an external floppy drive port. Given the modest price, I presume that this was a cable that plugs into the spare internal floppy socket on the Mac II/IIx logic board.


Using the Kennect Rapport when a modem is used on the serial port is known to cause data errors. This is unsurprising because use of the modem port also degrades floppy disk speed when using standard floppy drives.


Kennect Rapport: http://www.tidbits.com/tb-issues/TidBITS-051.html

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