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    • The Flyback Transformer is a high voltage component. This is powered by the lower voltage PSU which sounds like it is broken. I think that you need to fix the power supply before doing anything with the Flyback Transformer. At a minimum, I would recommend thoroughly inspecting the components on the PSU and looking for anything that looks burned up. Of course, this might not be the case, and something could be broken without looking different from normal. Are you able to post some pictures of the Analog Board?
    • My other hobby is playing with Lionel trains. A lot of their diesel engines used a D cell battery to power the horn relay, and a lot of those batteries were left in the trains when Jr. outgrew them. As a result, a lot of Lionel diesels have "battery compartment damage". So, this hobby didn't really invent anything by having batteries destroy things.  
    • Hello all,   Another restore thread (I like following these for other people, so I hope you do too)   Picked up a Mac Classic (1) from craigslist for $40 (they were asking $100, but accepted my offer right away, worth it to haggle - untested, dirty, yellow:   Had some interesting stickers/post it note (that must have been on there for 20 years, seems "original" and survived all this time lol) You can see too how yellow/dirty/discolored the case is here too.
        Inside was "ok" lots of dirt in the fan, but just a bit everywhere else.   Motherboard has expected cap leakage - along with a memory riser card which I've never seen in person, neat!   I cleaned the motherboard with 99% IPA - let dry and booted up, but had some really "weird" results!   First power on i heard some crackle from the speaker, but nothing. Flipped the switch a few times, same thing. Then I left it on for a second and all of a sudden the HDD spun up (scaring the crap out of me) Then I see a faint checker board pattern Then a "soft" reboot Then the normal screen but "wavy" eg, the left/right side of the screen was waving in and out The screen got brighter and brighter as time went on, then I got the question mark As time went on the waves slowed and stopped. Internal fan randomly started after a few minutes, again startling me!   My assumption is the analog board needs a recap. Something probably got warm enough to work and eventually was able to boot up.     Next Steps: Recap Motherboard Recap Analog board Service floppy (wont eject) Find a solution for HDD, it sounds like it's on it's last legs Clean outside and try my 40% bottle of hair product method   I can say after working on the CC and SE/30 the past week, the insides of the Classic 1 are much easier to work with.  
    • > I forget which threads they were, its been years. Oh well, that's unfortunate, but at least I know what's wrong with my Mac. This narrows down the list of possible problems a lot, so thank you very much.  I'm reading The Dead Mac Scrolls at the moment and a lot of symptoms (especially the audio ones) point to the flyback transformer. I'm gonna do more research now.
    • Of course - on the premade BeagleBone image, this software is all installed on it already. To run this command, you'd plug a USB cable into the BeagleBone, and then SSH to it by doing "ssh debian@" (It always has this IP) in a Terminal on macOS. Then you'd switch to root with "sudo su", and then "cd ~/mfm", then you can run the command above.   This command just creates the virtual hard disk with the size specified - once you've run this once, you don't need to do it again. You can also run this again to create a fresh image, or to have multiple virtual hard drives if you wanted to that you can swap out.