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Swap Plus guts to new shell

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I've got an odd situation. I bought 3 Plus's a few years ago and am just now getting around to getting them up and running. I have one that works fine, but has bad CRT burn-in and a marginal floppy drive. I have another with a perfect CRT, floppy drive and logic board, but the PRAM battery leaked inside the case and corroded some of the metal frame and messed up the analog board. As a result #2 boots and works great, but the display is fuzzy and the brightness control doesn't work (acid leaked straight down onto the control). I'm contemplating swapping all of the good parts from the 2 systems into 1. I also happen to have an extra grey Mac Plus shell laying around that I could transplant all of the good parts into. The third complete plus is already up. It was originally a 128k and I have a matching HD20 on it and it's working great. :-)


So, my question is, how tough is this operation? I've done small stuff before like opening compacts, swapping logic boards, and even installing the greyscale system into an SE/30 (which requires a fair amount of work). I've never taken all of the components out and tried to re-assemble them back into a working system. I've not had to discharge a CRT in a long time, so I'll need to make the tool to do that. It looks like most of the guts are mounted to a frame that mounts to the front panel. It should be fairly easy to remove the bad CRT, mount the good CRT to the good frame/guts and mount that in the new case, then install the good analog board, pop in the motherboard and reassemble. Sounds easy.


Anyone want to shed some light on what I'm in for if I try this? Any suggestions? I'm thinking I'll use the extra shell I have because it's grey (matching the extra keyboard and mouse I have) and I can give it a thorough cleaning before I install any guts into it. It'l also match the Apple HD80SC I have ready and waiting for system install.


Any advice is appreciated.

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