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    • Wow!  Great find!  The black velcro'd doohickey is a Piezo type cooling fan.  Weird!
    • Well crap, as I was separating the 2 boards, this black wire that clamped to one of the IC’s came off before I had to chance to note where it went. Argh!!! Anyone with one of these boards have any idea? It connects to the upper levco board at PC Overlay. 
    • You have a RasterOps ClearVue GS30 PDS video card in there. It seems to be an 8-bit grayscale card designed for the RasterOps ClearVue Monitor (at 75Mhz). There is a mention of in March 1990 MacWorld on Archive.org: https://archive.org/stream/MacWorld_9003_March_1990/MacWorld_9003_March_1990_djvu.txt   RasterOps ClearVue/GS Precise. Clear. A Complete Solution. RasterOps’ advanced technology in VLSI has made it possible to offer gray scale performance at monochrome prices. The RasterOps ClearVue/GS and ClearVue/GS30 are the result of a superior design in 8-bit display technology. So don’t pay more for a display system that gives you anything less. The choice is obvious. 2500 Walsh Road, Santa Clara, California 9505 1 USA, 408-562-4200 Includes monitor, 8-bil display board, lill/swivcl, and software. Copyright 1989 RasterOps Corporation. RasterOps, CIcarVuc/GS and ClearVuc/GS30 are trademarks of RasterOps Corporation. All other brand names arc protected by the trademark holder. INFORMATION HOTLINE: 1-800-468-7600 See What Standard Monochrome Gray scale performance is a luxury you can now afford and a tool you can’t afford to be without. If you are using anything less than 8-bits per pixel, you are not using advanced technology. Image Studio, Digital Darkroom and PageMaker, plus hundreds of other software applications, are based on 8-bit display technology. Monochrome displays do not take advantage of the technological evolution of the Macintosh and third generation software. One bit per pixel just isn’t enough. The ClearVue/GS display lets you see 256 shades of gray with true visual fidelity. What you see on the screen is 100% true to your hard copy output. The other leading gray scale display reduces the image to 92% of your actual output. The ClearVue/GS 19” display has a resolution of 72 dots per inch, an industry standard developed by Apple. RasterOps’ advanced technol- ogy gives you the big picture. With the Extended Desktop feature, you can expand your work area. Imagine being able to work on a document up to eight times larger without scrolling. Pop-up menus bring up the menu bar anytime you need it, anywhere on the screen. And the refresh rate of 75 Hz renders the display flicker-free for long term viewing comfort. With built-in hardware Pan and Zoom, you can see the details of your work two or four times larger than the original image and then zoom out with a single keystroke.
    • They will work with any switch, but only at 10Mbit. It merely depends upon how brain dead your network switch is. If it's a decent one then without being able to negotiate the connection it should default to 10Mbit, which is what the old 10BaseT hubs ran at.

      I had my SE/30 connected to a gigabit switch with no issues.
    • Mother boars and yoke look toast