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Scott Baret

The Compact Mac CRT Guide

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There is a third brand of CRT used in these old Macs.


Found inside a late 1987 manufacture American Macintosh SE: a Toshiba CRT.


It has a large amount of red paint around the anode cap.


This is the first instance of this type of CRT I've ever seen, and I've taken apart approximately 100 compact Macs over the years.


It is unknown if this was a replacement CRT or not. The Mac has an early squirrel cage fan for what it's worth.


The label has part number E2728B4-TCOISDHT and the unit was made in Japan.

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Some additional info:


The Clinton CRTs have nothing wrong with them but they have no anti-glare coating, which makes staring at them in a bright area an eye-straining experience. The Samsung units, on the other hand, are anti-glare. 


An upgrade in the '80s saw people swapping their old Clinton CRTs for Samsung or other anti-glare tubes. One other manufacturer was Orion, if someone comes across one of those. This may explain why you would find a non-Clinton tube in an early Mac, in addition to the fact that tubes do sometimes require replacement for a variety of reasons and an original tube may not have been available.

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