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How to copy disk images from Floppy Emu to physical disks (Apple IIGS)

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Ok guys this is what I have tried.


I loaded system 6.0.1 and then went to the floppy II emu and selected Music Studio 2.0.

I ejected the system floppy and then popped in a blank one and initialized/erased it.

I dragged the Music2.0 disk to the blank disk and copied it all over.


But the thing is, it didn't work because when I try to boot from the floppy then it just gives me a blank white screen and plays the startup sound over and over again. If I boot from the image on the floppy emu then it works fine.


Is there an application specifically for copying disks byte by byte? I tried to load up Copy II plus but for some reason it was not able to even catalog the Music Studio 2.0 image loaded from the floppy ii emu.

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Nevermind I figured it out.


Turns out you have to eject the copy ii plus disk after it boots up. Then you have an option "disk with format" after you select "copy." This makes a byte-by-byte copy of the disk.

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