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Bad power supply or bad luck?

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Left my fully working PowerBook G3 Wallstreet running and on the charger when I went to a meeting. I had recently replaced the display on this thing.


When I had returned, the display backlight (or inverter board... or whatever) gave out, and the LCD showed the OS still running (very faintly).


Upon powering it off, it won't even boot the OS anymore, shows a flashing "?" on a floppy... Maybe the hard drive died too?


Because these multiple things broke at once, the only thing I can think to blame is the power supply. Any tests I should do on this yoyo charger before plugging it into another machine?

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Can you still boot using a CD to check/mount the hard drive or did it get fried?

AFAIK There are a few reasons a backlight can fail so you'd need to open it up and check the fuses and such.


I'm not 100% sure about checking the inverter, my dad would take an AM radio up to such things and see if you could hear the power supply oscillating, might be something to check out as well.

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