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Apple Lisa 2/5 defective Video Output?

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Yeah  :lisa2: great job done! Actually I bought me two motherboards from eBay - they look very clean and in nearly perfect optical condition (untested). Especially one board has the original Lisa 1 / 2 Mouse port - my Lisa 2/5 board already has the "modern" port, so I will swap my motherboard too ;) I think I will keep that repaired board maybe..just as an example/spare and give the other good board to my friend in exchange. Hmm, I will report back when they arrived at my door.

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Final Update:  I also did repair every left bad trace on this motherboard - I also did the first wireowrk again - now it looks better, more professional ;) After I tested everything again, I did use some Urethan 71 (plastic based isolating lacquer) to finish and safe the polished traces from future corrosion.


...and the funny thing is - after all these weeks of adventuring work on this motherboard - I got me 2 other motherboards on eBay ;) one is in nearly perfect condition and works like a charm but the other one is a little bit messed up with uncleaned battery leakage on the slots and connectors. It's already in a cleaning bath with lemon accid :D the good / awesome thing on the uncleaned one:  it seems to be an original LISA 1 board with it's original metalframe - it has still the original writings and symbols for each port - especially the beautiful mouse port ;) this means some exchange with my actual metalframe and motherboard xD







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