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IIsi Applied Engineering QuickSilver card

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I have a IIsi with a Quicksilver card in it. I also have a Nubus adapter card so I can install a Ethernet card.


The Nubus adapter I'm assuming plugs in to the PDS slot on the IIsi logic board and converts it to a Nubus for the network card. To do that I have to remove the QuickSilver card , thus no FPU.


The QuickSilver card has a male PDS slot for the logic board and a right angle female PDS slot for God knows what.


So, do I have to lose the fpu for a network card? How was this intended to work? Do any of you have a IIsi with a fpu and an Ethernet card?


Also, How do I know if the FPU even works? Is there software for it?




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Both of those cards have FPUs on them.  The Apple one is soldered on, but still marked 68882, so you won't lose the FPU.  The system will automatically detect the FPU, but the software you use would need to specifically support it.  There are several video and network PDS cards that you could use with the QuickSilver, but are becoming rather rare.  The Nubus stuff is a lot easier to find.


It does look like that QuickSilver card might have some cache memory on it, but I am unfamiliar with it.


EDIT:  Yes, that is cache on that card.  I'm fairly certain you'd need a driver to enable it.


For optimum speed, you'd use the Quicksilver card with a driver to enable the cache, and a PDS network card.

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