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quadra 630 owners - question re: serial port performance

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#41 supernova777

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Posted Today, 03:52 AM

my interpretation was that the article was blatantly spelling it out that the "serialDMA 2" file originates from the time period specified in the article (which was July 1993 through to November 1994)

the macOs versions that were current at that time period were: 
System 7 (May 1991) 7.1.1 (Oct 1993), 7.1.2 (Mar 1994), 7.5 (Sept 1994)


so yes, i think its logical to assume that an important fix would be included in later mass distributions of the OS.

so i guess my next assumption would be that this serialDMA driver is probably already on my peforma mac 


the versions that followed that time period: 

7.5.1 (Mar 1995), 7.5.3(Jan 1996), 7.5.5(Sept 1996), 7.6.1(Apr 1997)


im already running 7.5.5 now... so, my current version is from 1-2 years past that time period

i only updated to 7.5.5 to be able to get my damn networking working properly, installing openTransport 1.1.2 etc to be able to get

the chooser to allow specifying an IP address (appletalk over ip? ie: AFP://x.x.x.x) 

going forward updating to 7.6.1 is not what im looking to do,

like i said the whole reason for thaving the computer itself was:

for me to be able to have a vintage system, running 68k cpu,

which can run some music programs that dont seem to run on newer more modern ppc macs like g3/g4/g5 systems.

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Posted Today, 04:29 AM






wow I actually found the files i think!


but the 2.0.2.txt says:



Name: SerialDMA
Version: 2.0.2
Released: November 15, 1995
Description: Included in 7.5.2 Printing Update. Fixes problems while
printing on serial printers and improves overall performance
of the serial port on AV and PowerPC based Macintosh computers,
except 5200, 5300, 6200, and 6300 series. Requires System 7.5
or later. For complete information, please see the Read Me
included in this archive.


so there u go - there must be a real hardware reason as to why. its logical to assume that wouldnt u think?

this is just very clear further evidence to support the fact that the ports are somehow physically unique + different from the others.

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