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iBook G3 Clamshell Charger Board Fuse F1

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I am repairing a iBook G3 Clamshell that has blown fuse on the charger board (F1). This causes the known good battery not to charge, despite the orange light on the charger.


Can anyone suggest what is the original specification of the fuse?


It has "5" written on it. Considering my electronic knowledge, that would be 5A 32V Slow Blow?



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I tore apart my parts Pismo and found a similar fuse there. It was located on charger board. This one is 5A and has Fairchild logo on it and also a "T" which means "Time Delay" or Slow-Blow.


Replaced it with the one from Pismo and now it works.


While I was there, I also measured 35V 100uF capacitor next to the fuse and sure enough, it had high ESR (about 0.6 ohms), so I replaced it with new one (ESR about 0.1 ohms).

I think that in a matter of 5-10 years, all these iBooks and PowerBooks G3 might need capacitors replaced.



I'm also interested in hearing about this! I'm pretty sure my indigo has the same problem.


Well, tear the thing apart and check continuity of the F1 fuse on the Charger Daughterboard (the one with battery connector).

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