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CRT/display safety handling PDF

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Dear members


This is a PDF that I obtained from the archive.org.


If you are considering taking apart your compact mac please take special care of CRT safety, this is a very good, short PDF on the topic that I hope you can all enjoy while working on your mac safely.


Originally from, AppleCare Service Source http://service.info.apple.com/safety/safety.html#ESD




Topics covered:


  1. ESD Damage Prevention
    Follow these guidelines to reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage to equipment.
    ESD Prevention Rules
    Setting Up an ESD-Safe Workstation
  2. CRT and LCD Safety
    It's imperative to know and follow all CRT safety procedures listed in this section.
    CRT Safe Electrical Setup Precautions
    Discharging the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)
    Removing the CRT/Video Board
    Establishing an Ongoing Lead to Ground Return Worn-Out CRTs
    LCD Safety
  3. Battery Handling
    A primer on battery handling and disposal.
    Battery Disposal


Kind regards

—Alex Santos

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Oh thats neat  [8D]  thank you for this really helpful material. Saved, printed and put to my other important technical manuals  [;)]]'>

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