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Easy nerdery/general nonsense with an Apple IIc monitor

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I saw a bunch of posts that described using an Apple II as a dumb terminal to a modern machine. The guy who made A2SERVER practically wrote 5,000 words on it. That sounded interesting, but then a bunch of people sniped me on eBay when I tried to buy a IIc. (People are spending hundreds of dollars for a IIc on eBay. Why?) 


I realized that I could just plug a Raspberry Pi into the back of a monitor and achieve the same result. This is called cheating.


The IIc monitor is pretty cool-looking, so that became the candidate. Now I've got some kind of anachronistic, puzzling, arguably insufferable frankenstein old-new mashup that, after a couple of beers, I could convince you was surprisingly useful for what-all. Email, RSS, Twitter. Too bad it flickers like a barlight at 420i, necessitating a 240i output from the Pi, which makes the text look much worse than an actual Apple IIc. I think I will leave it on my desk for the rest of the week, read the news in lynx and consider why I have done this.




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This looks like fun, when I get some other work off my plate, I'd like to give this a go too.  Something to do with the IIc I've got.  Either that, or I can post it on eBay ;)

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