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CF in Takky?

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Takky interests me... 3.3v regulator does not :) Some boards, like the 6500, apparently you can get away with not using a 3.3v regulator if you don't push the board too much and forego PCI. 6400 boards seem to require the regulator regardless and I *think* this is due to power draw?


I am wondering if using a CF to IDE adapter would reduce power draw enough to allow 6400 to work without a 3.3v regulator?


Also, in 2017, are there better (easier) options for use as a secondary power supply?


I don't have a takky and this is more just an entertaining notion at the moment.

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On 4/21/2017 at 5:45 PM, MJ313 said:



Works perfectly. Thanks man!





Would you be good enough to update the links to the pictures please?

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