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Driver for CNET CN490e SCSI to Ethernet adapter?

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I am new to this forum, and what a gorgeous forum this is.


My name is Guido. I am from Berlin, Germany and Mac User since the Centris 650 came out.


I'd like to connect my PowerBook 170 to a Synology DiskStation via FTP (which works with my SE/30 with Ethernet card). Somewhere in the attic I stumbled over an ancient SCSI to Ethernet adapter, that I cannot find any drivers for. It's a CNET CN490e, a grey metal enclosure that has two SCSI DB25 connectors, an ID selector wheel, a digital ID-display and a row of LEDs.


It seems to work, since the LInk LED goes green when connected to the PowerBook and the Transfer LEDs are flashing when it is connected to the network.


Does anyone know where to find a System 7 or at least System 6 driver for this thing? It is possibly compatible to Adapters from other vendors?


Any hints would be greatly appreciated.




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I don't know if this will help, but I found these three links...


This is some info on the device



This is where someone believes that your device is similar to the Dayna SCSI/Link3 device



Based on that assumption, the driver in this thread that works for all Daynaport devices may help



Of course, none of this may help at all, but I thought that I would throw it out there.

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