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ADT image transfer aborted

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OK i tryed it again and it said it aborted again!!! But this time id did a trace!! This is what it said before it aborted...


1/20/05 3:15:29 AMSerialTransport.pushBuffer() exit.
1/20/05 3:15:29 AM CommsThread.sendPacket() calculated CRC: 0
1/20/05 3:15:29 AM CommsThread.waitForData(two bytes) entry, expecting 6 or 21
1/20/05 3:15:57 AM CommsThread.waitForData.TransportTimeoutException! (location 0)
1/20/05 3:15:57 AM CommsThread.sendPacket() timeout.
1/20/05 3:15:57 AM CommsThread.sendPacket() ACK from Apple: 15
1/20/05 3:15:57 AM CommsThread.sendPacket() didn't work; will retry #10.
1/20/05 3:15:57 AM CommsThread.sendPacket() block: 239 offset: 256.
1/20/05 3:15:57 AM CommsThread.sendPacket() backoff sleeping for 2 seconds (or 1 second, whichever is shorter).
1/20/05 3:15:58 AM CommsThread.sendPacket() exit, rc = false
1/20/05 3:15:58 AM Image transfer aborted.
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Ok, i changed the com port rate and i got it to transfer but it said "complete - with errors!" And the disk won't boot after wards. I looked at trace and it said it transferred with 1 error but how do i find that error out?

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