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Billy Masterpigeon

(Need Help) How to Format Hard Disk For SE

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Hi Billy,


if not an Apple branded disk (with the appropriate ROM), a utility such as HD SC Setup will refuse to initialise the disk.  The workround is to find a patched version of HD SC Setup that removes the ROM check, or to format with a third-party utility such as Lido.  Personally I prefer using Lido.



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You could try sheepshaver or whatever that emulator is called. Doesn't have to be 9.2.2. That's just the last version that will handle those resource forks properly. Any version 7 through 9.2.2 will work fine with StuffIt Expander 5.5. StuffIt expander will run on a 68000 & System 6 (what your SE currently has), but your are limited to version 4.02 or something like that. It works well, except some files are compressed with neeer software. Hence the whole download and unstuff on a newer machine, where 5.5 has a bit better coverage of the old files.

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