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Going to try installing Panther Server on Mac Mini G4 this weekend

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Well, I got a copy of Panther server off ebay (new, unused) and I have a 1.4GHz G4 mac mini laying around that I will finish switching to SSD (mSATA w/ J20332 adapter).


As I understand the process, I need to put the mini into firewire target mode, boot my G3 Pismo up with Disc 1, install everything onto the Mini, and then all the updates, and then I can just use the Mini with 10.3.9 Server.


Is that still the preferred way?


I believe Panther server will install with a G3 Pismo from what I have read.


I stil have a working NewerTech/OWC v2.5 Firewire external drive for it that I'll put a new drive into. (1TB RED WD)


This would make a nice file/print server for home and still allow for legacy OS 9 to connect and access shares/printers. Sound right?

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If the Mac mini G4 shipped with 10.3.something, then you may need to install it on another machine, update it to 10.3.9, and then copy everything over using SuperDuper or CCC.


It may be easier to just use Tiger server.

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