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Socketed SE/30 PowerCache: are there PAL ICs on the board like the PDS version? HELP!

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I'm wondering if the Socketed version has the same type of IIci Cache Slot conversion onboard as do the PowerCache adapters and those for several other accelerators for the SE/30's PDS? :?:


Bunsen's clarification of the direct, unmodified, passive interface at the CPU socket of the IIcx Adapter for the PowerCache helped much to remedy my assumption (ass me) that everyone would know that the IIcx had no PDS.


This led me to question if the socketed version of the SE/30 PowerCache Accelerator might need the same type of PAL modification as the Adapter for using the Universal PowerCache Accelerator in the PDS of the SE/30?


So if anyone has the Socketed version PowerCache, please check it to see if there is a PAL (or PALs) located between the Socket and CPU on the board.


WAG: the Socketed version of the PowerCache will have the equivalent of the IIci Cache Slot conversion on the PDS Adapter due to conflict with the SE/30 Video's Slot Manager implementation/location at PseudoSlot $E.


HELP!!!!!! :D


Data input will greatly aid in the effort: Cloning the Daystar Adapters for the IIsi and SE/30 - Take 2


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Yeah, if that's not an old picture of the board, definitely recycle that red battery immediately!  The Daystar card is in the blast zone and it would be a shame if the world had one less of those.

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When I got my Powercache (again not the one pictured, mine is sitting nicely inside my SE/30 20mls away from me right now), it was already installed on a random SE/30 board I got and there was a red Maxell next to it that had starting to leak. The board took some damage but the Powercache wasn't harmed. 

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Thanks ever so much for that picture, BGE!


It looks very much like there may be a PAL located between MDU (built into the 68030) and the Cache ICs*** at U22. It may be looking like the Socketed PowerCache has the same kind of memory/Slot ID issues as the Universal PowerCache does in the the IIsi/SE/30 PDS.


Further food for thought! [:)]]'>



*** ATT7C174J-15 - CACHE-TAG RAM, 8KX8, 28 Pin, Plastic, SOJ

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