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    • At that shipping price, I'm definitely interested, feel free to shoot me a DM.
    • Sign me up for a Linux version!
    • I don't know what exactly went wrong, but if anyone is watching this thread, or if this can help anyone in the future, here is how I fixed the issue.  I started over.  The old HD I was trying to use was pretty small in the first place, at only 6GB.  I replaced it with a 160 GB HD (yes, I know I can only use 128 GB) and reinstalled the operating system from a disk I made and the printing software from the original CD.  That in itself was a learning experience because I have never made an install CD from a disk image before.  I bought the Sawtooth off ebay, and of course it didn't come with the disc.  I added a second 160 GB Hard drive and learned about Master and Slave settings, and how some hard drives are downright uncooperative about cable select.  I also learned about gray plugs and black plugs, and that HDs are cranky if their jumper settings don't match the plug.  I had never previously worked with more than 1 drive in a G4, so the learning curve was huge.  I have one more computer program to test before I can say I am completely done with this G4, but things are looking (and working) much better.  Thanks to all the people on other threads who have given me advice, explanations, and education.  It has helped beyond measure.
    • I'm going through my stash and I'm coming across more stuff.   I bought 4x 64-pin SIMMs from a fellow in Germany who suspected that they were for a IIfx. The NTX part of the label indicates that these are intended for the LaserWriter IINTX. I'm guessing that the 70L part at the end of the second line indicates that it is 70ns RAM.   I haven't found much online about this particular RAM, or even about the differences between IIfx RAM and IINTX RAM. I seem to remember reading somewhere that IINTX SIMMS can't be used in a IIfx.   There is a link to a thread here from the user Tempest who reckoned that they were 4MB SIMMs:   On AppleFritter, here's mention of it in a post from 2004: https://www.applefritter.com/node/3712   My questions are:  1. Does anyone have any concrete experience with IIfx & IINTX SIMMs?  2. Do these SIMMs ring a bell with anyone?  3. Is it safe for both the SIMMS and my IIfx to try them out?   The picture of 2 of them is below: