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All work on this project has been put on hold since I moved to a new house in December. My lab is currently only a cluttered mess of boxes, waiting to be re-assembled into an even more badass lab! When the lab is back up and running, I will have the available space/equipment needed to continue working. All I need right now is a few tables, shelving, and a teleportation device so I don't break my back carrying tons of boxes down the stairs and into the basement... Expect pictures of all that when the time comes.


Here's what's on the to-do list right now:

  • Re-cap the Q630 LB
  • Re-crimp a new IDC cable for the A/V-Out board
  • Secure 040 heatsink with thermal adhesive
  • Hack together a quiet case fan
  • Cut & spray paint the case from particle board
  • Engineer a mounting mechanism to attach the boards to the chassis
  • Find or make an external CD-ROM drive case
  • Find or make an external Floppy drive case
  • Hack the CD audio cable for external connections

Since I now have a well-paying steady job, all of this is much more within reach than it was before; expect some movement on this soon.

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