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Macintosh Garden down?

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Seems up and running to me.  As is its mirror/fork macintoshrepository dot org (I specify it that way, because it started as a mirror, then became its own entity.)

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To be simple and to the point, a fibre cable was cut, the outage was on the ISP, thankfully it was just down for a measly three hours while Telia rerouted traffic and work to fix the damaged cable.

Unfortunately I forgot to update the community on that.


Also, on another point.

The Garden isn't going anywhere, there are local backups, remote backups, mirrors and archives... I do not need more people scraping the entire site for its contents, anyone found doing so will find him/hersef in the iptables without a chance for pardon.


There will be a service available once it's set up and completed for anyone that will be wanting to mirror the files themselves, screenshots excluded. It will be available on another server thats not connected through the main server, for obvious reasons. Questions? I believe private messaging will work, so does the contact form on the garden as well as the adress from the infosite. Twitter also works.

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I'm sure you understand why, we've had people scraping agressively before. Pretty sure you would be annoyed if 70-90% of your connection would be unavailable at all times.


Sure, more hardware and new code has eased some of it, but why ruin the experience for everyone else, hmm?

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