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    • I have the Sonnet G3 NuBus at 500 mhz installed on all the three partitions of my hard drive and it works perfectly. I have installed Mac OS 7.6.1, 8.1 and 9.04. I think it works also with 7.5.3. Especially with the 7.6.1 my 6116CD really flies. 
    • Thanks, I forgot about these - yes both planned. I need to find a spares/repairs MDD to raid the graphics card from.   Funnily enough, this Mac only chimed once - when I first got it, every single boot since then hasn't produced a chime (even before I did the tear down). I'm not sure why this is yet. And yes the speaker is plugged in   You might get a PM from me about this!
    • Not a nubus power mac, but I know a Sonnet L2 cache slot upgraded Mac will work on 7.6.1.   I don't know which drivers, if any, are necessary for that generation, but that would be the kicker. I don't think I tried with 7.5.3 on my 4400, just went straight to 7.6.1. Wouldn't hurt to try, I suppose. Finding the earliest driver would be the best bet.   I say if necessary, because sometimes they're just not needed, but I might be thinking of the G3 zif upgrade for beige/b&w ... My 4400 needed a driver init
    • Since all the Sonnet owners seem to be looking in on this thread, does anyone know the lowest OS (it says 8.5 on Everymac for this card) that can be loaded on a 6116 with a Sonnet G3 400/1M.  Is it possible to use , say 8.1 or maybe even 7.5.3?  I have a couple of nice 9.2 machines already, so I would prefer to have something a little lower if possible.   More in line with the topic, mine came with everything in the box, except for the sticker!
    • I decided to test the floppy drive outside of the machine. Unfortunately, despite a thorough cleaning and lubrication, there are a couple of problems.     First off, the eject motor doesn't quite get the job done. It really labors, despite my careful cleaning and lubrication. By hand, disks eject very smoothy. The eject motor on the other hand sounds very labored, and it doesn't complete a 360° trip like I think it should.   The second problem is more serious. I noticed that the R/W heads do not actuate. I removed the two socket cap screws that hold the motor in, and discovered some rust.     After pulling the drive out entirely, I found that the drive was stuck. It popped loose pretty easily, but it feels a bit rough... not good.     Unfortunately, now the motor just buzzes whenever the computer is on. Here's a quick video of what is happening. It's a sealed unit so there's no way to get further into it.   So, the sad state of this machine is that it doesn't have a working floppy drive or hard drive. At this point, I think I'll need to find a donor drive that I can pull both an ejection motor and seek motor from to get it working again.