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SE30 cd 68mb Diimo 50 Radius color Full recap Complete almost..

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49 minutes ago, joethezombie said:

I thought it was the mouse freezing in System 7.5, and theĀ 2.6 ROM fixed it, but can't remember for sure.

I think you're right

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3 hours ago, Paralel said:

For some reason his 1.0 ROM did not work with his software, but the 2.6 ROM fixed it. I think it had something to do with 32-bit compatibility?

ROM 1.0 from 1990 would for be a year prior to not only System 7, but 6.0.8 as well. You're talking 6.0.6 of 6.0.7 compatibility for the Rev.1.0 ROM. I'm surprised the card worked at all running under 7.anything.

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