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SE30 cd 68mb Diimo 50 Radius color Full recap Complete almost..

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49 minutes ago, joethezombie said:

I thought it was the mouse freezing in System 7.5, and the 2.6 ROM fixed it, but can't remember for sure.

I think you're right

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3 hours ago, Paralel said:

For some reason his 1.0 ROM did not work with his software, but the 2.6 ROM fixed it. I think it had something to do with 32-bit compatibility?

ROM 1.0 from 1990 would for be a year prior to not only System 7, but 6.0.8 as well. You're talking 6.0.6 of 6.0.7 compatibility for the Rev.1.0 ROM. I'm surprised the card worked at all running under 7.anything.

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On 11/8/2018 at 2:06 AM, JDW said:

It's been about 1 year since the last post was made to this thread, but I came across it today while pondering a recap of my own DiiMO 50MHz accelerator card.  From what I understand those 5 silver electrolytic capacitors on the chip side of the board are 22uF 6.3V.  Mouser has drop-in replacements for about $0.5 each in 5pc quantities (Panasonic EEE-FP0J220AR).  They are rated at 2000h at 105°C and have a rather low 0.85-ohm ESR.  I thought about tantalum (to avoid future leakage issues), but they are expensive and could go up in flames if you don't voltage spec them at 10V or 16V.  That's why I pondering 10V 22uF Niobium Oxide replacements now.  Mouser has them for $0.75 each in 5pc quantities.  They won't burn, have only a 20% voltage derating (versus 50% for tantalum), and a low (but not too low) ESR of 700m-ohms.  The only potential caveat is the small 1210 (3528) package size, which is a mere 3.5mm long.  I've not yet removed a stock cap to see how close the pads are, but if they are close enough for a 3.5mm body then these Niobium caps may be the perfect replacement solution.


By the way, tact, I see you recapped your analog board too.  The film cap you are using for C15 fits quite nicely.  What part number did you use?  I am considering recapping my own analog boards using the 25.3mm long (Panasonic ECW-FD2W395J) but it looks to be a tight fit.


On 11/8/2018 at 7:19 PM, Von said:

@tact where did you get ROM chip for your Radius card?  I need one for my NuBus Radius PrecisionColor 8-Xj discussed here.






Sorry its been so long since I have been on this site and I didn't notice the recent posts, hope you all got it figured out ok since then ><


JDW as far as the capacitor I used they were not an exact fit but  depending on the rev of analog board you have the leads on those film capacitors can be bent to fit in the existing holes.


and VON I took the ROM chip from a Nubus version of the same card that had 2.6 on it and it was apparently cross compatibl, got it cheap on ebay and saw in the picture the rom chip. As was mentioned they did dump the 2.6 and a couple other versions for download if someone wanted to burn their own rom chip for their cards =)

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