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I hate to ask this question.

I have tried several times to contact Tactile Systems online. I'm not sure if it's even the correct Tactile Systems that wrote the old NewtFTP, but it seems possible. Anyway, they never return my emails.

I'm trying to find (even buy from the source) a serial number for NewtFTP 2.0. I'm stuck. no such luck. Does anyone know anyone to contact regarding buying a license? or does anyone HAVE a serial number?

Ugh. Abandonware makes me so depressed. Maybe I should stop living in the past, but most days it sure beats living in the now.

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In case anyone else is interested, I found the Official Person™ to "buy" a license from. I say buy in quotes because he asks instead to donate to a Newton cause of your choice and send him proof. I chose UNNA, of course.

His name is Anthony Velasco, his email is ecotone_tv AT hotmail.com (sanitized for anti-spammers). He's VERY busy right now moving so he said it may take quite a long time to send the serial number. I can wait though.


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On 4/23/2018 at 1:17 AM, peterept said:

Original author of NewtFTP here.... amazing to see someone still using it! :-) 

Thank you for your service! :D

10 minutes ago, olePigeon said:

I love it when original authors post unexpectedly to these forums.  So cool! :D

That's because because Google only shows about three hits for NewtFTP and the most recent is here.

I find that's true for many old Apple related things. I do a search and because of all the esoteric knowledge and activity here this site produces the most hits.

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