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    • When I saw it, I called it an Albino Bigfoot.
    • Wow, simply astonished.  Can't wait to hear the back story!
    • An honest to god Unicorn!  
    • Hmm that U29 looks quite clean and good to me ... damn, I'm not sure, if I can desolder this IC will a ordinary heat gun work or kill the chip?   ...and I already consider that board as toast ..I did one really bad mistake here: this board was pre "tried to repair" from the former owner - usually I don't do/accept repair request on already repair attempted boards   @Bolle - is there a chance, that you may want to try your luck on that board? Maybe I will include my Micron color card for some checks/repairs too ;p (I got me  another SE30 and maybe will keep that Grayscale kit as it is really a rarity - I already have a green, amber/yellow and well why not even Grayscale Mac compact in my collection ) - Indon't want to f**k up this rare card and due to your own experience I trust your work   Marcus    
    • I literally have nothing of value to add to this thread, other than to share my amazement and excitement that I get to follow along with the pics and (hopefully soon) the history of this insanely-cool prototype. @OldMacGuy - I've got some rare-ish items in my vintage gear collection, but this takes the cake, the bakery and the entire party too. Thank you for sharing this with us - I'm excited to learn more about the history here!   H.