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    • Even though I don't know much about PhoneNet, I have to agree with @LaPorta, because logically, why would PhoneNet have been designed to be compatible with ordinary telephone wiring, yet require a special kind of crossover cable in order to work?   I'd suppose it could've been intentionally designed to use either, maybe with a preference for crossover to ensure optimal throughput, with a fallback mode to ensure maximum compatibility with standard phone wiring, but I'm only speculating here.   c
    • No problem - it's still a great deal.  And I'm glad you asked your hubby for forgiveness instead of permission! 
    • Thanks for this tip.  I just downloaded and PopupFuncs (with "technicolor!") is awesome!  I never saw this back in the day.  Super cool.
    • This is something that gets forgotten quite often in threads regarding product/supply/sales/marketing (even some of my own, probably). Apple didn't have their "customize and buy for yourself online (or phone)" until after their purchase of PowerComputing, and it wasn't as refined until the early '00s. That was really what they were after in buying them. PCC had an incredible build-to-order system.

      Until then, like Cory said, you really needed to "know a guy," i.e. had to work through a dealer (for the most part).   According to the dates I've seen, the "discontinuation" of the 475 and 476 even lasted as long as most of the 62xx Performas did, and slightly longer than the 640CD/640 DOS Compatible model, which is interesting. Yes, technically the 63xCD models died about a month before the 62xx Performas started... but again, this is based on the sources we have (Apple, Everymac, etc.)
      yellow=030; orange=040; red=601; purple=603
    • I put a Noctua fan in my CC for the same reasons as above. Admitedly, being that I never see it, it never even crossed my mind that that it was an ugly color...but it was a very very worthwhile upgrade.