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Any interest in this SCSI2SD bracket?

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Hi all!


This is my first post to 68k... So here goes:


I decided to create my own SCSI2SD bracket, simply because I couldn't find any other brackets for the smaller V5.0a board. I used a 3.5" desktop hard drive as my inspiration, and with some refinements, I think this bracket is a good, one-piece design. My goal was to make improvements, and once satisfied, offer it for sale. But, I think there are a couple of issues. First, I am no 3D modeler nor engineer and the learning curve with modeling software is a little steep for someone like me who does very little of it. Second, I think the bracket costs too much to 3D print; since I have no 3D printer, distributing this bracket through a 3D printing service is seemingly my only option. $30 for this piece of plastic doesn't seem economical when you consider the cost of the SCSI2SD. Notice the void in the top (bottom as you view the photo) of the bracket; I omitted this material to make the bracket cheaper to print. I felt it was superfluous, anyway.


The bracket is designed so that the SCSI2SD mounts upside down, to the bottom of the bracket, much like a hard drive's PCB (in the photo, the the top of the bracket is actually the bottom). The way the bracket is designed should allow for universal application, or so I think.


I feel compelled to release my SketchUp file to you (whoever you are) in hopes that you or someone else appreciates my idea, can see a use for it, can refine it, and contribute any refinements back to the community. For instance, I think all the holes should have threaded brass inserts for #6-32 (or M3?) mounting screws. Maybe one of you knows where to acquire them?


Anyway, I'll attach a JPEG image of the bracket here. PM me if you're interested in the SketchUp file. If you decide to use my design, feel free to modify it, make it your own, and redistribute it. All I ask is that you attribute me as [one of] the original creator.


Think my idea is junk? I'm open to constructive criticism.


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It's a marvelous idea!


I don't know how to do anything with it, but I will be more than happy to buy a couple (along with some SCSI2SDs!) when the final product comes around.



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I also made a scsi2sd floppy drive bracket.  My idea was to have access to the SD card without having to open up the unit.   I really made it for samplers but it can be used in any device that uses the bottom screws to mount the floppy drive.  



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