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SCSI2SD w/ 800k SE

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I have an SE, and I'd like to replace the internal hard drive with the SCSI2SD. Since I am new to this process, what's the best way to set it up? Can I just plug it in and format the card with a disk tools disk, or do I need to do more than that? Please advise, thank you.

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Out of the box, disk tools won't recognize the device as a valid Apple drive, and won't work.  You'll need the "hacked" version, or alternatively you can setup the SCSI2SD to appear as a valid Apple drive by plugging it in via USB to a current Windows/Linux/OSX machine and using the configuration tool located here.


dougg3 details the process here, which I have quoted below.



When I was first using the SCSI2SD, the config utility was a command line program that you ran with the "--apple" command line option to tell it to set the strings correctly for emulating an Apple drive. It looks like that option is now gone with the new GUI utility  :(


What that option did:


  • Set the vendor to the string " SEAGATE" (yes, there is a single space in front of SEAGATE for a total of 8 characters)
  • Set the product ID to the string "          ST225N" (10 spaces in front for a total of 16 characters)
  • Set the revision to the string "1.0 " (with a space after, for a total of 4 characters)

There's also a special Apple Computer string that the drive knows how to respond with, but you don't need to configure it. So all this change does is make it appear as a Seagate drive that Apple HD SC Setup knows about (which is also needed).


Note that if you use the default formatting options, it will only create a 20 MB partition because Apple HD SC Setup's internal drive database thinks it's only a 20 MB drive. So you need to go into the partitioning options and tell it how to use the full space of the drive.


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