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LC III Chimes of Death

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I was trying out different SCSI configurations for an external HD when I noticed my LC III started giving the chimes of death immediately after startup. I can't see anything on the monitor, possibly because it is using an adapter, so I can't tell what specific error is occurring. I tried disconnecting all of the external cables except for power, removed the hard drive and extra RAM stick (tried disconnecting the floppy drive too but it's in fairly tight) but the issue still persists.


Any idea as to what's causing the issue or why it came on so suddenly? I'm fairly sure the board was recapped during its lifetime before I received it, but is there a way to know for sure if something like that is the culprit?

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Here are some pictures of the board. If they're not sufficient, please let me know and I can try taking more photos.




The board appears to be intact, but I'm far from an electronics expert and wouldn't know what to look for in terms of something being wrong unless it was obvious to a layperson. Everything has been removed as stated previously except I reinstalled the RAM stick for these photos. The battery is a new one that I got about a month ago. Otherwise, no internal hardware changes have been made.

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Well, ideally, you'd remove the caps, thoroughly wash, thoroughly dry and then recap the board. If you aren't going to recap it right now, you should still thoroughly wash and thoroughly dry it to get as much cap goo off as possible.


If you want to recap it but don't want to do it yourself, some people on here could do it for you. Uniserver's real modest and he wouldn't say it but he could probably do an LCIII blindfolded at this point. :)

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