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Need help on quadra 950 psu pinout

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This is my first post so i like to say hello to all :D.

Also i got a quadra 950 motherboard (just the motherboard nothing else).

The proble is i like to get it running so i tried to do a ATX to Quadra conversion using the pinout i find posted on this forum.


Like that this pinout refers to quadra 950 but is wrong.

The quadra psu connector is 24 pin and on the description the link show 22 pins.

If someone is so nice to get me a good picture of the connector so i can figure out the voltage from the colors?.

Or take a voltage meter and do a correct measurement i love to get my quadra mother to post.


Thanks :)

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Thanks mac drone that was what i need i try to figure the voltage from the quadra 840 pinout it have a cable coloring to voltage relation. If i get the quadra board working i will post the voltage pinout :D

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Following this guide i used the color sheme http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/systems/MacinPC_ATX_case/pages/PC-MAC_PS_pinouts.htm

so i connected

all red wires to +5

all black to gnd

blue -12

orange to +12

yellow to +5 TRKL (says must be to +5 to the mac to power on)

On the atx side (green + gnd) to get the psu powering on


Ok checked everything like 10 times ....

Power on

First the lm317 burned up so i replaced it

Then i disconnected yellow +12, power on ....... C7 (is close to the vram memory slots) burned up smoke and all.

Then i disconnected -12 ok now led power up and but have the wires (yellow and blue) disconnected habe to replace C7

The color coding indicated on the guide seem to be wrong, i don't know if you can use the voltage meter to test the wires voltages macdrone? after this i don't have much hope to get the quadra board powering on. :(

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Some years later...


Just in case you're looking for help with your Quadras PSU... go over there - it has the correct pinouts, the ones from xlr8yourmac are wrong!: 


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