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SCSI2SD Mounting Bracket for SE/30

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They're about 50 cents to print, but I can't print many of them because it's the school's printer and the kids are using it.


However, I did make an update to the brackets.  Apparently there're 2 different model HDD chassis for the SE/30 with different mounting holes.  I've added 2 more mounting holes.





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That's really great. I won't need one myself because I will be using the HD from my SE/30 until the day it dies.

What type of plastic are you using for those brackets?


You should make one for the Mac Portable. Those Conner HDs are failing as we speak and I bought a Rev5 SCSI2SD for my Portable (which isn't working as of now) to replace it. With the Ram extension, the 34-pin to 50-pin converter and the SCSI2SD itself it has become crowded in there !


I am quite good at Solidworks. I guess I could make one myself with my school's 3D printer... One just needs to reproduce the original Portable bracket and add a few holes for screws or plastic clips actually... Once I get my Portable repaired, I'll work on that. I'll let you know.

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I printed out one of these for my SE/30 and whilst I was at it, I printed out a second set to try in my IIfx to see how the fitment would work.  It won't fit in the lower mounting holes, as they are indented, but it works well in the upper rails.  I'm happy with it.  It works much better than the cardboard doohickey thing I'd made out of a beer carton.  Thanks olePigeon!



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