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Found 8 results

  1. I recently acquired a TAM from Japan which works great. Inside, I was surprised to find an Interwire G3 L2 accelerator card. Unfortunately, there was no hard drive and no drivers for this card. Does anyone know where I can find a compatible driver for this card? I saw another thread which suggested that a generic Powerlogix card driver would work, but none of the drivers I’ve found actually do. The slot itself is fine, as a sonnet crescendo card that’s I have works well, but it normally lives in another machine. Second, the motherboard in this TAM is different from another TAM that I have. I can’t see the revision number with out removing the MB, but the ROM socket is different, and there is a different subcomponet (caps mainly) configuration. I’ve never heard of more than one of these before. Anyone know any details on it?
  2. I recently got a TAM with a non working LCD and HDD. Managed to swap it out with an LCD of PowerBook 3400 and an IDE44 to CF as HDD. Installed OS9 and I don’t see the TV and Tuner apps. How should I get it working?
  3. Found one for sale with a rotten LCD. Powers up and just needed a replacement LCD. I doubt I can get a replacement easily, are there any compatible replacement available out there?
  4. ninjafist1

    My very first TAM

    Hey everyone, got my hands on a TAM recently, was in much better shape than advertised. Had all the original boxes, plastic wrap, foam, everything. Even the apple logo decals were still on their sheet! Had all sorts of accessories like an extra back, a riser card for the comm slot and also what appears to be an extra pci riser card as it already has one installed. In the PCI slot right now is a Twin turbo 128m/m2 and I had a Apple 10BASE-T Ethernet CSII Twisted-Pair Card in a 6500 that I was able to transfer over to the comm slot. That same 6500 had a PCI riser card that had two PCI slots whcih would be cool to use but then the back of the TAM wouldn't fit on. The only problem with this sucker is that the ADB ports on the keyboard don't work. I can plug the keyboard or the trackpad directly into the computer;s adb and that works, so it must be the two extension ports on the keyboard. For now I am just using an old mouse and keyboard from a color classic and that is fine. If anyone has any thoughts about that issue, let me know. I also have a CF card and adapter on the way so I can replace the hard drive. I am thinking of partitioning the card into two or three parts and then putting 7.6.1 and also 8 or 9 on there. So here are a few questions I have: 1) Want to do a sonnet upgrade. There are a number of them listed on ebay but I am not sure how to tell which are compatible with the TAM. I know the 500mhz is a unicorn, so just looking for 350 or 400. Anyone know how I can spot which will work? Maybe post me a link to the right kind on ebay or some other website? 2) Should I leave the video card in that PCI slot, or should I replace it with a USB PCI card? Not sure what I would use the USB for, although I don't have much use for the extra video power either. Thanks everyone and feel free to make other suggestions with what to do next to it! I posted some pics on the TAM facebook page, also the vintage apple Macintosh fan facebook page. Ben
  5. Charadis

    Farallon Fast EtherTX for TAM

    Hi all, I ran into a Farallon EtherTX 10/100 CS ii card yesterday and won the auction this morning. I was surprised to see another bidder put up quite a battle near the end for it...I was half expecting to get it for pretty cheap... so I was wondering if anyone here has experience using this card in their TAM? Or other Mac.. What kind of performance difference, if any, do you notice? Some auction pics, of course, as I don’t yet have the card: I’ve read some posts of members searching for this one, but not so much on how much it helps for web surfing/Classilla. There appears to be a driver disk, but as this is a Japanese version, I’m not so sure it’s very useful for me. Does this work out of the box like the Apple CS ii Card? I’m almost complete with the TAM upgrades, so the higher bidding was justified in my stance (Or I’d like to think so!)
  6. travistouchdown

    I just bought a TAM!

    I never thought I would get one of these...for a quasi-reasonable price anyway. Listed for $999 on ebay, put in a best offer of $900 and won it. Looks to be in great shape I may just need to re-do the speaker covers and leather on the keyboard at some point (certainly isn't terrrible now.) Will be keeping an eye out for the UPS man this week! Now................what to do with/on this thing? Original listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Twentieth-20th-Anniversary-Macintosh-TAM-Mac/282459152220?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  7. flexo

    TAM as a TV

    Hi everybody, So the TV in our bedroom broke and I've been (stubbornly) pushing the 20th Anniversary Mac I had hiding in the closet as a replacement, ignoring my husband's pleads for a TV set. I thought it would be great: Nice sound system. Remote that controls not only the sound but also the can turn the Mac on/off. TV input (btw, kudos, Verizon, for having everything from RF to HDMI outputs on your set top boxes.) Software with CC support from RF (again, Verizon, kudos, for not stripping that out from RF.)[1] But the problem is Apple Video Player supports a maximum 640x480 resolution. Which would be fine if the computer had a CRT screen. So now, I have a huge black box around the video when I set the resolution to 640x480. Most channels also now broadcast in HD only, which letterboxes the video, which makes the picture even smaller to the point where all I can see from the bed is just moving colorful blurs[2]. So my question is, is there a way to hack the AVP to support a 800x600 resolution or is there an alternative software that can upscale the input? I'm not sure if the 640x480 is a hardware limit or a software one (or both?) but I'm sure there has to be way to at least upscale the input? All I could find on this was a FAQ on Quadra AVs, which had some links to alternative software but since it's from 1994, of course all the links are dead. And since apparently most people who search for Quicktime do so with the search term "apple video player", Google is useless. 1 People say I'm half-deaf so this is useful. 2 Unlike my hearing, my eyesight is pretty good. You know that guy you ask to read something to you when you can't? I am that guy usually.
  8. I received a TAM for my birthday this year and am already looking at upgrade options. Of course I'd love a Sonnet Crescendo/L2 upgrade, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. Even a bigger L2 cache card would be nice, but that stuff is getting super hard to find. I'm already planning on getting 128MB RAM and putting in an SSD with an IDE adapter (did the same thing on my 12" PowerBook G4 and it works wonderfully). It came with a 10/100 ethernet Comm II card and the PCI riser, so I'm planning on getting either a FW+USB card or finding a PCMCIA/CardBus adapter that works in OS 9. And therein lies my biggest question thus far - how do I get the front panel buttons working in OS 9? I have a 9.0.4 retail CD including the 9.1 upgrade (also the retail version), and everything works fine except the FM radio and the brightness control on the front of the machine. The volume and mute controls do work in 9.0.4. I'm not going to do much with trying to get the TV tuner to work since everything over-the-air is digital now, plus I live on the side of a mountain so our OTA reception would be nonexistent anyhow. That being said, I want to keep the FM radio working. Does anyone have a confirmed method of upgrading to 9.0.4 and/or 9.1 while maintaining FM radio functionality? What about the front panel buttons? Are there any known PCI-to-PCMCIA adapters that work in OS 9? I'd prefer to go this route over a FW+USB card because it would give me more hardware flexibility if I wanted to use a wireless card, a media card reader, or other stuff. I'm looking forward to playing with this guy for many years to come!