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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, A few months ago I purchased a Powerbook 100 complete with manuals, case, and floppies for $25 at a local flea market. It has many problems though, one of which being the speaker (at least I hope it's the speaker and not something else). Every time I turn on the PB, I hear a static-y sound before the start up chime plays and while using the laptop, I will hear crackling static every so often. This happens with both the included power brick (which has a cracked tip) and a Toshiba laptop power supply which has similar specs to one of Apple's replacement power bricks. The hard drive will not boot up either, but I heard that changing the PRAM batteries might help with that. But before I buy any new PRAM batteries or one of Apple's replacement PSU's, I want to make sure it really is the speaker that's making the static-y sound and not something more serious like the power board shorting out. The speaker is wired into a connector that also has the wires for the display. I'm not sure if these wires are soldered in or if these could be pulled out or cut? If I remove the speaker and I no longer hear the static sound, then I will continue with buying a power brick and PRAM batteries (CR2430s to be exact). If I still hear static, then there must be something wrong with the power board. Can the speaker be removed? Thanks in advance.
  2. I've been maintaining what was formerly a fully operational LC III for the past couple of months following the completion of board and PSU recapping (c.o. Uniserver) but a few weeks ago I noticed that the internal speaker would occasionally make a popping noise. The issue seemed to get progressively worse until just a couple days ago when it ceased to make any sound at all, not even the startup chimes. This morning I tried to troubleshoot the issue and found that the audio jack in the back of the unit has the same popping issue as well. I tried unplugging and reconnecting the speaker contacts, checking the jack to make sure there wasn't any debris/stuck contacts there, and used a slightly damp tissue to wipe down the areas near J2 and J15 on the motherboard (corresponding to the connection points for the audio jack and the internal speaker, respectively) in case there was some issue of cleanliness that I couldn't see. When I turned the unit back on, the sound seemed to act normally again, but this is where things went south. I left the computer and came back 5 minutes later to find that the mouse wasn't responding. I tried plugging it in directly to the back of the unit (instead of daisy chaining it through the keyboard) and tried inputting keyboard commands but to no avail. I restarted the machine and it appeared to start up fine, but the popping speaker was back, and shortly after going to desktop a message came up saying 'Sorry, a system error occurred. "Finder" error type 10'. I clicked the restart prompt and the startup noise went off, but then the chimes of death played and nothing happened. I unplugged everything and started the machine and it seemed to respond correctly, and upon replugging things in gradually, no other issues came up. Once everything was back to what it was before, the LC III started up to desktop correctly, but again the speaker pops intermittently. I left it on for a long while and nothing else untoward happened. I'm not sure what is going on given that the behavior is unpredictable, but the only commonality appears to be with the audio popping. As stated before, the board and everything has been recapped as of late October, and presumably it was cleaned in the process. I don't see any capacitor discharge or anything like that although there are some small stains presumably from previous such leakage on parts of the board away from (I think) the parts responsible for sound. Is there a specific protocol I should be following to troubleshoot the issue further?