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Found 2 results

  1. cbmeeks

    SE/30 Green Fuzzies!

    I have this Mac SE/30 that was in pretty bad shape. I'm going to recap it hopefully soon. But after really looking close, I'm seeing this green "fuzz" all over the place. Pretty much every where a capacitor was, a nearby chip has the corrosion all over the pins. I'm really wondering if this board is a lost cause. I'm sure with enough time I could probably fix it. But some of those IC's look to be very hard to find. The worst example are UB10 and UB11 (Sony audio). But others are almost as bad including some of the VLSI chips. This is my only SE/30. I have three other classic Macs (SE FDHD, etc.) but this is the only '030 classic Mac I have. I'm not so much disappointed about not having a '030...I don't really need the speed. I just hate seeing a vintage computer become too damaged to repair. What do you suggest? I have the equipment to remove the IC's properly. But is it worth the effort? What would you do? Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. jefframsey

    New Member, Old Mac SE

    Hi 68kLBA, I am new here. My name is Jeff Ramsey. I am a 38 year old IT professional, and I've been in the business around 20 years. When I was a kid in school, my first experiences with computers were with my grandmother's Commodore 64, and then I got my own Commodore 64. In grade school, we did not have Commodores, we had Apple II or Mac 512s. I envied those machines so much! They were way out of my price range, but man they were cool! Anyhow, now I have three kids and we love to play both current and retro games. At the same time, I wanted a project to do at home. Sort of a computer "hobby" project. SO I decided to start by refurbishing a Comact Mac. (Starting to sound more like my first day at Alcoholics Anonymous than my first post here at this point, huh? HI, I'm Jeff, and this is where I screwed up...) I bought an SE (FD/HD model 5011) from an elderly lady's closet. (Don't ask what I was doing in a 90 year old lady's closet.) It had been sitting for years. It powered up, the screen was clean, a little bit of screen burn, but clearly working. It was asking for a floppy. I paid $40 and took it home. I made some System 6.0.8 disks and it booted and ran! I didn't remember the date or time (dead battery) and didn't see the hard drive at all. I made a disk for "The Oregon Trail" and played all the way through with my daughter. We made it to Willamette with 3 of our 5 still alive. Yay! Now I wanted to upgrade the 1MB ram to 4MB and I wanted to fix the hard drive, so I made a 12" long T15 (my friend made the tool with a short bit and a bit of round stock steel. Thanks Tyler.) and opened her up. Here is what I found: I wasn't prepared to deal with this bad of a battery issue last night, so I just installed the RAM chips, changed the jumper for the RAM, replacement hard drive then buttoned her back up. What I got was discouraging. The hard drive still does not show up in SC HD Setup, and although the memory is showing 4mb now, the machine is crashing randomly now. It will run for a few minutes and then either a "bomb" system error or just freeze up. I am getting ready to clean the entire mainboard here in a few minutes. I looked at all of the caps and they all looked ok, non were burst or bulging, but I will look at them again more closely. Aside from that, is there anything that I am looking for? Thanks