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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guys, I just got an Mac IIci. And I am running into a problem. Lets see if someone can help me. It was stored for many years as the son of the previous owner told me. I took a quick look inside and noticed one of the RAM sockets has the locks broken so it was loose. I used a small eraser (yes) and kept it in place. I will buy a socket to replace it. Also I noticed the computer has a RasterOps 24si card. So I plugged the monitor in it and started the computer. It loaded the OS from the harddrive but I notice there was no "chime" when the Mac booted. So, my previous experience with a Classic II working without sound = recap. I used it for a few moments, just to check some things then let it aside to do my other stuff. A few moments ago I decided to backup the harddrive so I connected my SCSI Zip drive and fired up the machine. It booted and when I returned with the disks, it was frozen. I restarted it and now the problems began. After the RasterOps Logo I got an grey screen. I waited, waited, waited, then restarted. The same happened for 4-5 times, when I decided to plug the monitor on the onboard video. There I saw a sadmac (forgot to get the code). (EDIT) Code is: 0000000F 00000033 I removed the RasterOps card (even it still shows its logo when powered up) and I got the system running again. Decided to try the RasterOps again and now I noticed another problem, the computer won't power up, like a failure on the power supply, it makes a sound like a relay was clicking but no power. Removing from the outlet for a few moments did the trick but again no system after the gray screen. Tried the RasterOPs on other slots but no luck. So I removed the RasterOps again and after a few tries (the power supply click - no power) I got the system and started the backup. I thought it was a coincidence the RasterOps not working just after I used the SCSI ZIP or it may already a problem on the Board so the RECAP and cleaning is a must? Or the card just died? And about the PSU? What I can do? Cheers. (EDIT 2): Noticed the PSU problem is gone if the external SCSI Cable isn't connected.
  2. I’ve been watching an SE lately, because of a 13W3 jack sticking out on the back. Could this possible be an RasterOps ColorVue SE APD? If not? Could it be something else perhaps? And is it limited to an SE only? (The seller won’t specify). /ktkm