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    • No worries, these are probably a better fit for his machine as they are pre-owned and have that "used" look which would make the fact that one foot is different less noticeable. 
    • I don't like hijacking maceffects, but I have a couple from a scrapped centris 610...
    • @krishnadraws - I saw this post a while ago and had meant to come back and comment...  I'm also a IIgs user.  I never had one growing up (from a IIe to a Mac) but bought one a number of year ago and didn't really do much with it.  A couple of years ago I set it up and started playing with it and I have to say I was blown away at just how cool it is.  I've now got two IIgs systems but only one is in regular use.  They are both ROM 01 systems (one was upgraded from a ROM 00) with 4MB RAM cards.  My main system has an Uthernet II and a MicroDriveTurbo and the second system has a Booti card.  I run my video through a Scart to HDMI converter.  Both systems are running 6.0.4.  I really would like a Transwarp GS and am debating between waiting for the 2.0 version from ReactiveMicro, or just jumping on the current version 1.1.  My main unit has a ReactiveMicro power supply and my backup unit has a recapped power supply (and logic board).   There is a program called AFPBridge that will allow you to mount AppleTalk shares over TCP/IP.  It can be used to connect to AppleTalk servers over the Internet, or locally.  I have a Debian VM on one of my machines that runs a netatalk server which both my Macs and my IIgs connect to.  There is also a need program called Treehugger that, along with Harmonie allows you to print to TCP/IP printers that support HP's PCL (most networked laser printers do) so you can print from your IIgs over Uthernet to modern printers.  There is a pretty active IIgs community on Captain's Quarter's BBS (cqbbs.ddns.net:6502).   I did laugh about the Hard Drives International PowerDrive though- The first hard disk I bought (80MB PowerDrive) died just after the one year warranty and I learned that Hard Drives International had given me a refurbished mechanism.  They wouldn't do anything for me to make it right so to this day whenever I see a PowerDrive I see a bit of rage.
    • This was solved by the first reply - turney power switch on the back was set to keep it on. I followed traces all over the board and hopefully I would have found that power switch at the back sooner rather than later, but thank you for saving me time. Good luck to everyone else with their similarish problems. 
    • You can always turn the button on the PSU by 90º to see if it was in the "always on" position. This was done as a failsafe on these machines in case they were used as servers and power was interrupted.   Of course, it could just be a wonky PSU or even something on the board. I have a IIci with the exact same issue, although the power-up isn't immediate. The board was re-capped and it's been problematic since, which I think is just the result of cursory work.