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Found 12 results

  1. Hey gang, I could cry like a baby... Restaurated my Q950, cleaned it, gave it a nice retrobright sunbath, tidied-up the A/UX installation and being annoyed by the loud fan, I went for the final step replacing it with something more silent and while at it, I gave the PSU a good blow of fresh air to undust it. Power-on and..... bzzzzzzt, poof, holy smoke. The PSU went the way of the dodo (Nope, the polarity of the fan was correct) - Only god knows if it was the undusting or just about time to die... So here's my request for help: a) How do I get that damn PSU opened?! All screws removed and it's clear that there are 2 case parts sticked together but they don't move a bit From the outside I can see a bursted varistor near the back-end of the PSU. So that's where the smoke came from... b) Does anybody know where to get a new Q9xx PSU preferably in Europe (given its weight)? Thanks for helping & Cheers, Axel
  2. IIfx

    Quadra 950 - Power Tower

    After many years of delays on my part, I finally managed to get this specific Quadra 950. Many thanks to @Trash80toHP_Mini for taking a large detour on the way home to North Carolina through the countryside of Northern Virginia to hand it off to me. The Quadra fired right up without a single issue after just a little bit of light cleaning. Specifications: 16mb RAM, with all SIMM slots filled 500mb HDD No Nubus cards at the moment My plan for this machine is simple. Stuff it full of Nubus cards and RAM. This Q950 will be the successor to my Q800, which currently has gone through two logic boards after an awful overclocking experiment using a MacClip. The goal is to have a power tower equivalent in awesomeness to my IIfx. That means this Q950 will house at least 1 StageII Radius Rocket, in order to elevate it's grandeur. With a 305w power supply, why not? I bought a SCSI2SD v5.1 board to serve as the main storage for the machine. Perhaps down the road I can locate an OrangePC card to go in it too. For now, my main goals will be buying RAM for it to get to at least 128mb and setting up the SCSI2SD. I will post more in this thread as progress is made.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a couple of the internal power cables for the Quadra 900/950. They have a square 4-pin-plug connected by a 40cm long cable to a Molex plug. Does anybody have either a link to where one may buy them (aliexpress, for example) or indeed have any for sale? I'm willing to pay USD20 per cable. Ta, aa
  4. This has not been a good month for me. First my poor cat Linus is hit and killed by a car last week, and now the Q950 I picked up from our dear Nuvision has died! This Quadra 950, a workhorse at Nuvision Graphics for who knows how many years, is now giving no signs of life, and I don't know why. It all started when I first received the machine from Nuvision a few months ago. The front of the machine had a label on it which read "BOOTS (NEEDS WORK)", so I knew things would be interesting. When I first set it up, it was not booting due to the format of the HDD, also indicated by that label on the front. Attempting to boot into both 7.6 and 8.0 install CDs, I kept getting bus errors; indicated by both a bomb message and SadMac 000F 0001. I popped in a SCSI2SD and after a few attempts to boot, it eventually started working. I had no clue why. It's been a few months since I booted it, and I've moved to a new house, and when I dragged the machine out of the closet a few days ago it worked fine. Then I ordered an Asante MCNB Rev.A NuBus card for the machine, and inserted it yesterday. I got a boot chime, but no video, and eventually death chimes. I removed the ethernet card hoping it would boot, but it wouldn't. After a few power cycles, it began to boot off the SCSI2SD, but when the Mac OS splash screen appeared, I got that "bus error" bomb quite a few times, and a single "illegal instruction" bomb thrown in there as well. Thinking there must be a bad SCSI cable or that the SCSI2SD may have died, I removed them and attempted to boot off the DB25 SCSI port using a CD drive, but kept getting bus errors. After a few more boot attempts, it was just a boot chime followed by a death chime after the RAM test finished, and a couple power cycles later absolutely no signs of life. At around that time I was starting to realize that I would have to gut the machine to troubleshoot. I wound up removing everything: floppy drive, PPC 601 card, a PowerPump overclock kit, and 128MB of RAM, all to no avail. I don't know if the Asante card killed the board, or if the history of bus errors indicates some other issue. I might get an oscilloscope so I can probe the 040 and NuBus hardware to see what's working and what's not.
  5. Today I returned to my Quadra 950 projects and discovered an odd problem. I have two of these, both were working as of a month or so ago, and today they BOTH fail to recognize the keyboard or mouse which of course makes it hard to control boot up options never mind do anything useful. Tried the obvious: different keyboards, cords, etc. and verified that the keyboard, mouse, and cables I'm using work fine on a Mac IIsi. Strange that BOTH computers developed the same symptoms at the same time. Anybody else seen this kind of problem on vintage Macs? The older they get, the more electronic issues they develop. To my knowledge these have not been re-capped. Batteries were replaced at some point in the last couple of years so I believe they are good. I may retest on another power outlet just because I find it so strange this appeared so suddenly on both machines at the same time. Any advice on troubleshooting, workarounds, or true solutions appreciated. Heartbreaking to lose my Attila the Mac pair. I'm like Noah saving the species 2 by 2. Craig
  6. Hey all, I've recently started setting up a Quadra 950 with SCSI2SD. I have encountered an issue where connecting a CD-ROM drive causes the machine to SadMac on boot, sometimes showing a movable mouse cursor for a second beforehand. This occurs regardless if the CD drive is connected internally or externally. I also tried the device shuffle and found it only SadMacs when a CD-ROM drive is connected, regardless of what else is connected to the machine. The error code is 0000000F 00000001. I tried 2 CD-ROM drives (An AppleCD 300 Plus, and an AppleCD 600i) so I know it's most likely something to do with the Q950 itself. I have read a little about termination in this model, so I attempted to boot once more with the drive at the end of the internal SCSI cable, with term power on for the drive. I still can not get past the SadMac... As an aside, there is a mint condition copy of Mac OS 8 in the drive. Any advice? I am not very experienced with SCSI Macs (In fact this 950 and a few others I obtained recently are my first SCSI Macs ever) so I'm sure I'm likely just missing some tiny detail.
  7. I have a monstrous Attila the Mac 950 Quadra tower that is a fantastic machine. Works great with one strange startup quirk: Before powering on, I have to turn off the power to the machine (using a power strip on/off button), then on again immediately prior to powering up the 950. If I do this it boots 100% of the time, very reliably. If I DON'T do this power strip on/off step, the machine fails to boot properly and hangs with a grey screen at startup. Very reliably. BTW I didn't just stumble up on this startup workaround, I found a hint during my hours of googling vintage mac startup problems and going through my old mac reference books. But alas I have been unable to find the source of this tip, which might provide hints as to what's going on and what I can do about it. Replacing the PSU is one obvious option to try ... but perhaps it's the board that's faulty? Anybody here have experience or knowledge of this issue? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Craig
  8. Dear members I just purchased a Quadra 950 and it arrived safe and sound. The seller claimed that the power supply only clicked. My 4 year old daughter turned the key while just after I pressed a power button on the front facing panel and there was a chime, a loud healthy fan and a power light. Now, I have no monitor to check and there is no HD. Is this enough to confirm the machine works or should I ideally try something further. There also appears to be a 601 PDS card and a very large card that I suspect is a video card and gobs of RAM. Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks! —Alex
  9. Dear members Does anyone know where I can find feet for a Quadra 950. I need 4. Ideally the color and size would be the same. Thanks in advance. —Alex
  10. MinerAl

    Q950 B

    From the album: MinerAl machines.

    Quadra 950 with a 1GB drive and OS 7.6(?), 8MB RAM

    © MinerAl

  11. MinerAl

    Q950 A

    From the album: MinerAl machines.

    Quadra 950 with a 9GB noisy server SCSI drive in it. The five partitions are named Michael, Marlon, Tito, Jackie, and Jermaine. System 7.5.x, 16MB RAM

    © MinerAl

  12. Along with my PM6500, I pulled out my Q950 out of storage. I lucked out, the battery did not explode. But first thing I noticed was that the logic board was not in place properly. In looking about, there were more broken plastic pieces in the case. Removing the board, and cleaning it up of the broken pieces, I got the logic board to fit in place properly. It is obvious that somebody was as its side door was open, and for a while something moved inside. That has to be cleaned up. I'll be using an alcohol/soap mixture and a scrub brush to clean out the inside of the case in the bathtub. But all these broken plastic pieces. I will need a couple of front bezels and figure out something for the support rail in the front of the machine by the drives, but remember, this thing fell out of a four story window when I got it. The case is cracked in several places, but it's still together. So what glue would be best to fix the broken parts inside? I'm also going to need a hard drive for it; I have it's original drive in the IIfx. How much do Q950 bezels go for on ebay? It does turn on and does Bong. Thank God! I just need to clean her up and give her some plastic surgery.