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Found 1 result

  1. So, my Q700 that was only in my hands for about a month is suddenly having hardware/ADB issues as well as the 950 I've written about here. Background is above. Pardon the crosspost but I wouldn't normally hang out in the Peripherals section so maybe others wouldn't either... and this graduated from a problem isolated to the video card to impacting the entire machine! Here it is in its glory/gore. Thank you in advance for following along! Above PC 24x jacked up my Q700. Machine at the time had a upgraded/soldered 33 MHz crystal, PPC 601 PDS card, PowerPump NuBus card and companion SIMM that was supposed to increase the clock from 33 to around 40 MHz but I never could get it to work. The Quadra came to me without an 040 CPU so I bought a MC68040RC40A (note the 40 MHz so it should handle the overclock just fine) and installed it, even though the 601 runs most of the time. I have a 3-port ADB/HD15 KVM switch that works (seemingly) perfectly. Plugged in the Radius card to revisit the issue I noted in the above post and it basically the mouse went out shortly thereafter (after a couple of reboots, there wasn't a particular moment of failure). Clicks work but no x,y movement. The pointer is grounded in the upper-left corner, regardless of boot disk (SCSI2SD or original HD), OS version (7.6.1, 8.1, 8.5) or H/W configuration. Booted from Legacy Recovery CD (7.5 IIRC?) and FloppyEmu (various versions). I've cleared PRAM countless times I have 64 MB matching 30-pin RAM (+4 MB onboard), that I've taken out I have 2 MB VRAM that I've taken out I plugged in a known working PrecisionColor 8xj NuBus from another machine I left in/took out the PPC 601 card I pulled the 68040 and forced it to let it run on PPC 601 only I took out all NuBus cards and ROM SIMM I *think* I tried to run a stock Quadra 900/700 ROM onto a ROM SIMM I burned but I'm not sure if I did it right (just got the programmer last week) I bypassed the ADB KVM by connecting wedge mouse and AEK II to both Quadra ADB ports I disconnected AEK II and connected multiple mice directly to both ADB ports I verified AEK II and mice work in other machines I removed and replaced the (tested good) PRAM battery I've used ADB Renewal and Mouse Jolt utilities that are supposed to reset the ADB/bus and don't require a mouse to do so I've had success with TechTool PRAM zapping as it claims to be more thorough (beyond the initial ~192 bytes they claim is wiped with a regular Cmd-Opt-P-R?) but can't navigate TechTool without a f-ing mouse I get an 0000000F/00000021 occasionally when I try to boot from SCSI2SD, usually if I don't pull the PRAM battery AND power for ~30 sec. I have a Snooper NuBus card that I'm not even sure is working. It lights +5V, +12V and -12v light up but no ADB or Activity - the orange clock LED blinks rapidly ... but it does the same thing in my working Iici too. The main symptom is STILL: the mouse clicks but doesn't move. (which is great if the Apple menu were a "FIX ME AND GET FILTHY RICH IN THE PROCESS" button). I'll buy a Q700 board if someone has a working one for sale but that's a last resort. But I also want to get this solved and put my front bedroom/lab back together soon. Is this a lost cause? And thank you again for hanging in there with me!